Apply for a Staff Position

You can apply for a position on one or more of our event staffs by filling out an application form. To apply for a staff position for our 2016 season, fill out the form found here.

IMPORTANT: If you apply for a staff position at one of our events, do NOT register for the event until you hear back from us about whether we have a position open for you. We will be notifying those who apply early enough about their positions before the first price increase on each of our events in 2015.

We ask all of our staff to sign a Code of Conduct which can be found here.

Job Requirements:

Each of our departments has specific job requirements of which applicants should be aware. Not all of the positions are available at all of our events.

All applicants must be 18 years or older.

Part-time=16-20 hours of work; discounted admission
Full-time=24-28 hours of work; deeper discount

* Denotes positions which may be more suitable for those with mobility issues.




  • arrive onsite before general check-in opens
  • able to interact with the public, including handling customer service issues, with professionalism


  • arrive onsite not less than 6 hours before first ritual or entertainment item
  • willingness to work with a theme
  • interface with coordination to work within a budget, creating and executing an entertainment/rituals program
  • interact with presenters and other VIPs prior to and at event
  • interact with the public
  • bring a creative eye to building fun/spiritual activities for attendees
Fire Crew
  • knowledgable about fire construction and fire circle safety
  • able to stay awake late into the evening, until fire burns out or is extinguished
Gate Duty
  • willingness to be out in the parking lot during all weather including heat, cold and rain
  • organizational mindset
  • ability to be friendly and welcoming to the public
  • ability to be assertive and stop unauthorized people from entering the site

Off-site Transportation

  • reliable automobile with current registration, inspection, and insurance
  • current, valid Class D driver's license
  • a CDL may be required for some positions
On-site Transportation*
  • able to safely operate golf-cart style on-site transportation, including after dark
  • willingness to work until late at night and first thing in the morning
  • current EMT or Paramedic certification or similar certified medical training (CPR, etc.)
  • proof-of-certification for above credentials
  • SM-specific training may be required for some Safety positions
  • potential to be on-call during overnights or early-morning hours
  • interact with the public while being conscious of medical, safety, and privacy concerns unique to various alternative lifestyles
  • arrive onsite early the day event begins
  • stay until later afternoon or evening on final day of the event
  • sufficiently able-bodied to handle tasks which may include heavy lifting, loading and off-loading furniture and equipment from trucks and trailers, and cleaning buildings
  • willingness to work outdoors during heat, cold, or rain

You can apply for a position on one or more of our event staffs by filling out the form which can be found here.