When you arrive on site, you can expect to be greeted at the front gate either by a person if you arrive during a busy time or by a radio you can use to call for assistance. You'll be given instructions about where to go to check in to our event. At check in, you'll need your photo identification (even if you're sure we know who you are) in order to get your event credentials. You'll be asked to sign a copy of the event policies and given any extras you might have pre-ordered, including raffle tickets, t-shirts, extra water bottles, and the like.

You'll be expected to wear the name badge you're given any time you're not in the privacy of your lodgings. You won't be able to get into most event spaces without it, so make it a habit right away.

Photo courtesy Photo Play


We must be offsite on Sunday by 1 pm, so plan your morning accordingly. If you stay in the cabins, you are expected to put your beds back where you found them, sweep your floors and sweep and mop the bathrooms. All attendees are expected to help with the bathroom cleanup, even if they don't stay in the cabins. Everyone uses the bathrooms, so please help to clean up anything you helped to make dirty. It's all part of being a member of the community.

Rigger/Photographer: Murphy Blue