At Rope Camp, we include all meals in your registration price. While we have many luminaries of the Rope world at our event, we all sit down to eat together in one big room, which makes us all feel like equals. We get lots of comments about how great it is to be able to rub elbows with the presenters, from both attendees and said presenters, so we know it works. The food is good, too!

Ramblewood recently hired a wonderful new chef and they have adopted the point of view that good food makes for good community. Because of that, they have committed to buying the best possible ingredients and cooking to our requests. Each meal includes vegetarian and omnivore selections, with a salad bar at lunches and dinners.

If you have unusual dietary needs, the chef and his staff are great about making accommodations. You should feel free to speak directly to them at any meal with questions or requests for food you can eat. You may also wish to bring food to supplement the dining hall choices so you are sure to be able to keep yourself well-fed.

This Year's Requested Menu