New for 2013

  • Dates: Well, we tried the fall, but didn't love the weather all that much. So we polled our attendees and moved back to the summer. After some changes from the site, we've settled on July 10-14, 2013. We hope this date works for you!
  • Leisurely pack-out: Once again, we don't have to be off-site by 11 am, like we did in 2011. Instead, we have till 1 pm. So stay up late Saturday, play and have fun, and then sleep in on Sunday, get up late for a nice brunch, and pack out in the early afternoon. Luxury!
  • Beds: The camp reports that it has replaced the vast majority of the bed frames with new, sturdier ones. In addition, most of the mattresses have been replaced with real Tempurpedic ones. Yummy comfort!
  • Presenters: Sure, we have many of your favorites back again this year, but there will be new faces, too! Cherries Jubilee will be joining us as will other new faces. We'll be posting our presenter list as we confirm presenters. Check the Workshops page for updates throughout the winter and spring.
  • Psst!: Shhhh. It's a secret! We're working on a special photography intensive and hope to announce the presenter and contents of it shortly. It's a multi-day intensive which will help you hone your artistic vision and give you an opportunity to shoot shots you've only dreamt of shooting before! Watch the site or join the FetLife group here to hear when it's announced. Space will be very limited!

Rigger/Photographer: Murphy Blue