Other Events We Believe In

  • Free Spirit Gathering: Turtle Hill Events is a proud sponsor and longtime friend of Free Spirit Gathering. It is the foremost family-friendly Pagan event in the east, perhaps in the country, with 27 years of history giving those of alternative religions a place to be themselves without judgment. Third generations of many families are now attending the event. Bring your kids! Or come on your own and soak up the summer sun and the wonderful atmosphere.
  • Nine Worlds Festival: We're also sponsoring this event in its first year in 2012. With a wonderful line-up of presenters and a great theme, we're excited to attend!
  • Geeky Kink Event: In its second year, we look forward to seeing what this event has in store. Last year, we were impressed with the lovely eye candy and the amazing bondage. We think you will be, too.
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  • Octroperfest: BBQ, Bock and Bondage. Sounds like fun!