DeLano is dedicated to using his years of expertise in the bondage scene to help others enjoy their time in rope more safely and fully. DeLano is the Senior Instructor for Midori’s Rope Bondage Dojo® weekend intensives, where he utilizes his experience as a rope bottom (and switch) to round out the curriculum and give students a different perspective in their rope education.

He has presented rope and scene survival for new players at The Floating World, Rope Camp, NELA’s Fetish Flea and other events around the country. DeLano moderates the Japanese RopeArt and the Shibari Enthusiasts Yahoo groups. He also co-presents with Michele Serchuk on their photographic collaborations in bondage imagery.

DeLano has had a life-long desire for rope bondage and explores that through his Web site, This is his personal exploration of the art, spirituality, physicality and psychology of his bondage journey as well as the nature of the connections he shares with his rope partners (both as a bottom and as a top).



Scene Survival 101: Few things in life are as exciting, or as confusing, as entering the BDSM scene. Bottom or Top? Mistress/Master or Slave? Dominant or Submissive? Leather, rubber, vinyl, spandex or latex? Coke or Pepsi? If you consider yourself a new scene player, or if you’re just interested in exploring what it’s all about, join DeLano in a discussion that will help demystify, clarify and illustrate such concepts as etiquette, negotiation, personal responsibility and safety among others with an eye toward helping you to lay a foundation for survival and success in this brave new world.

This class is open to all new players, regardless of how you identify (top, bottom, submissive, dominant, etc.).

The Bottom Line: Basics For New Bondage Bottoms: You see the rope, you think you want the rope, but you’ve never been tied. This class is for absolute beginner bondage bottoms that are curious about rope but need a safe place to break the ice. If you have questions, concerns or preconceived notions about rope bondage bottoming, bring them to this class! We’ll answer the questions, address the concerns and obliterate (or confirm) the preconceived notions.

We’ll discuss: rope safety, rope types and how they affect bondage play, basic physical preparation. For those who want to participate, we’ll even play with some simple ties to give you a hint of what can come, so bring a short length of rope if you have it (20 feet will suffice).

This class is for people with absolutely no experience with rope bottoming or novice bottoms or anyone curious about rope bondage bottoming. Tops are welcome to attend, too.

Beyond Stretching: Challenges of Advanced Rope Bottoming: Rope bottoming is a thrill ride and a joy like no other. It creates, sometimes literally, its own special highs. It also presents particular challenges - mental/emotional as well as physical. How do we, as advanced rope bondage bottoms, meet those challenges so that we can experience more of the joys? How do we deal with such things as fear, injury, scene flops, and, yes, getting older? What do we do for ourselves, and our tops, to make our scenes hotter, better and deeper?

Join DeLano to explore this often ignored territory for rope bondage bottoms. We’ll discuss and demonstrate techniques that will help make our play more connective and amazing as well as help us avoid and overcome scenes that don’t go as planned. Tops are definitely welcome! Bring a couple of pieces of rope for an exercise or two.