Friday dv8

Friday dv8 is a safer sex positive presenter. Many of her classes are structured to be just within the boundaries determined by the rules of the event and the consent of the participants. Friday has been active in the BDSM/Leather commUnity for 17 years and has become known as a dynamic, authentic, and informed presenter for pan-sexual events of all types across the nation. She has been a public speaker on various aspects of fitness and wellness for more than a decade. She is a certified personal trainer, yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing and aerobics instructor, practices homeopathy and energy medicine professionally, and is listed as a Kink Aware Professional (KAP) on For more information about Friday please visit


Yoga for Bondage: Warm up and prepare your body for a successful bondage or restraint scene. Created originally for bondage bottoms on the set of a photo/video shoot, and then modified when a rigger/tormentor wanted to join us (at age 50, with old electricians knees and limited flexibility) this class is designed to address the specific demands on the body of a bondage or prolonged restraint encounter. Solo or with partner(s), all ages, even those with disabilities --- everyone will benefit from this class. Our focus will be to physically and mentally prepare the body (from the bottom and the top), build up energy reserve to increase our stamina, and learn how to maximize and improve our recovery!

Partner Yoga: The power of a yoga workout, the intimacy of interacting with your partner or partners. If this class does not make you want to go straight to your room and fuck it is only because you got off while doing it! This class has also been known to inspire wicked bondage ideas! We will physically work our bodies and the body of our partner(s) through a series of postures and practices designed to challenge the body and deepen the connection between partners. 

Dominant Oral Sex - On your knees, and in control!: This class will demonstrate many of the various ways to make being on the giving end of oral sex - an act of domination
No action is innately submissive or dominant. Our intention, energy, and sexual power determine this, not our position or deed. Well that, and the rope! In five live demonstrations, we will explore the acts of cunnilingus, fellatio, irrumatio (throat fucking), rimming and toe sucking and how to apply intention, teasing and denial, positioning, vulnerability and, of course, bondage, to maintain dominance while performing oral sex. Expect to learn several clever variations and uses for common binds including hogtie, ebi, 4-point, and spreader bar, cbt and chair bondage.. This class is bent, so no matter what your gender or orientation, you are included. Participation encouraged - bring rope :-).

No matter how hard life becomes you just have to dig deeper - find your mojo. Breath deeper. Drink more water. Yoga. Get a blow job or whatever equals a blow job for you. This is my general advice to anyone.