Graydancer is a sex-positive educator, performer, and activist and part of the Erotication websites KinkAcademy & PassionatU. He is known for his "Ropecast" (a kinky podcast) and kinky unconferences (“GRUEs”) throughout North America & Europe. Currently he resides in the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI working on becoming a GYLF. More of his work at


Knot So Fast: "Rope as a means, not an end." This is a class for rope tops and bottoms to learn how to use rope bondage not as an end unto itself but rather a vehicle into transcendent scenes and intense connection. It’s a combination of practical rope handling techniques to get the rope out of the way and speed bondage to get from point A to point O faster. Learn how to be more present and graceful in your rope bondage on the top and the bottom and have that mind-blowing scene you’ve wanted.

Please bring: rope if you wish to try stuff out; otherwise you are welcome to simply watch.

Basic Suspension: One of the many thrilling ways to play with rope lies in the realm of suspension – taking away not only the movement of the bottom, but even their connection to the earth. At the same time, suspension can be very dangerous, and there are many safety concerns to be dealt with long before the rope ever touches the body.In this class, Graydancer will explain the various aspects of creating a suspension scene – hard points, hardware, rope choice, basic knots, safety concerns, and more. He will also teach a basic hip harness and chest harness that can be used for a safe and relatively comfortable horizontal face-up suspension. Depending on class time and size, this may be a hands-on class, or it may be restricted to a demo.

Please bring: Rope, comfortable clothes. This is a class that can be either observed OR participated in.

Intermediate Suspension: Continuing from where the basic suspension class leaves off, Graydancer will explore the physiology of suspension, and how that affects strategies of rigging for other kinds, such as face down, sideways, and inversions. Alternative harnesses and hardware such as swivels will be discussed, as well as some talk about “Ok, the bottom’s up…Now what?” Depending on class size and time, this will be a combination hands-on/demo, with the conclusion being a fast Japanese-inspired rope suspension performance. Partners are recommended but not required to observe the class.

You must have some prior experience with suspension. Please bring: at least 4 30' lengths of Rope & whatever hardware you use for suspension, comfortable clothes (or a lack thereof), water.

TwoPlay: the Art of Making Out: Rediscover the lost art of the backseat, the front porch, the stolen moments in the coat room. This is a class to rekindle the pleasures of first and second base, to explore and develop the skills that charge those make-out sessions with romantic connections that last a lifetime. Topics range from practical tips on kissing to the Ancient Kama Sutra Secrets of the Grope and cultivating the attitude of erotic anticipation that leads to That Great Kiss. Step by step, each skill building on the next, by the end you’ll be full of ideas of how to make making out outstanding. Please bring a practice partner, all genders & orientations welcome. This class has also been featured on the Kink Academy website.

Please bring: Mats, blankets, pillows, whatever you need to make yourself comfortable.

The Roperlesque Cigar Social: Come and enjoy hot rope burlesque performances from the extreme to the hilarious in the convivial atmosphere of a cigar social! Modeled after the popular "Cigars, Boots, & Chocolate" but with ropetastic twist, this evening promises to entertain, titillate, and inspire or my name isn't Graydancer. Want to perform? Contact Gray before the event: with your 5-15 minute performance idea, and help make the Roperlesque unforgettable! Cigars will be present, but not mandatory - a "non-smokish" audience area will be available.

Dress up in your fetish finery, leather, latex, skin or rope, but strut your stuff! A limited number of cigars will be available for purchase, but attendees are encouraged to bring your own, as well as any goodies like chocolate or the legal beverage of their choice to share or not.