Lochai Stine

Lochai Stine has been a student of Japanese inspired rope bondage since a very early age. He has been educating the rope bondage minded across the country for the past 15 years. He is the director of the only international munch, Rope Bite http://ropebite.com & runs Bondage Club Baltimore http://bondageclubbaltimore.com He can be found on occasion binding beauties and creating living art at local fetish events as well as major exhibitions across the country. "I use the body as a canvas & rope as the medium in creating my art" It's no surprise that in August of 2008, he was picked by kink.com, one of the most respected companies in the adult entertainment industry, to spearhead their flagship site, hogtied.com and to create EverythingButt.com. His lifestyle experiences extend to many aspects of the bdsm world including but not limited to age play, pony/puppy play, corporal, humiliation and impact play. He has given talks on many topics that included both hands on classes as well as photography slide shows & demos. A full listing of his desires can be found @ http://lochaistine.com


Bag of Tricks: Foundation Ties for Life: Why does bondage look so easy for some and others are left feeling they don't know enough to satisfy their partners? For many it's the very simple basics that reside in their "Bag of tricks", all those little knots, twists and hitches, variations and shortcuts that are learned over time that have been put away until needed. Did you know there was more than 5 ways to tie a single column tie? When to use a knot that you KNOW will collapse and use it anyway? Why some ropes are better to use than others and when you can get away with using something not made for this purpose. When and how to cheat during a tie that HAS to be done a special way, etc... This is a precursor class for EVERYTHING rope bondage related. Everyone has a "Bag of Tricks" some people fill it regularly with everything they see and learn in all aspect of BDSM and pull out that knowledge when needed. Others don't even realize that they have one and are using it but don't know they are while others, like Lochai, rummage through it daily categorizing and sorting it. There are some ties and skills that every person, be them top or bottom, just need to have in their "Bag of Tricks" Certain ties that need to become muscle memory and done without thought if you want to "tie your partner and not your ropes". In this class we will be demonstrating and drilling everyone on the ties that will be with you forever.

Predicament Bondage: Depending on the relationship between top and bottom there are many forms of predicaments that can be used for pain and pleasure. Ranging from mental through mechanical we will discuss what makes win/win win/lose situations fun, humiliating and hot for all. Our main focus will be on the use of rope and the mental fortitude of your bottom to create situations where no matter which way they turn, we all win in the end. Please bring an open mind and all your suggestions.

Speed Bondage: How to choose lengths of rope and how to tie with speed & accuracy which for many bottoms enhances their pleasure. This class will show you many ways to improve your confidence and abilities which in turn will reduce the amount of time it will take to solidly secure your rope partner. Being "faster" is not the goal of this class but conservation of energy and time is.