Lord Percival

Lord Percival has been active in the scene, both in private and in public, for 40 years. While many of us know him for his mastery of rope, he also has an extensive knowledge of many other areas of play, including but not limited to: take-downs, breath play, caning, whips, electricity, knives, pressure points and mental bondage. Education is a particular passion of Percy's. He has been a teacher, lecturer, mentor, and trainer in the scene for a quarter century. Currently, he is Director of Programming and Education on the Board of NELA (New England Leather Alliance).


Hojojutsu: Evil, Nasty, Harsh rope, modified for the Bedroom: Hojojutsu is the opposite, in many ways, of the nice, happy rope arts that are taught and practiced by many rope artists. There are ways to take Hojo, and make it bedroom/play acceptable for those who don’t want to potentially damage their partners. Some knowledge of Hojo is useful to have, for this class. This is not a take-down class.

Please bring: thin, nasty rope (coconut rope, paracord, 4mm or 3mm hemp)

Hojojutsu: Evil, Nasty, Harsh rope, as harsh as it gets (part II the Rope): Hojojutsu is one of the martial art forms, from which the erotic art of tying has its roots. It is the antithesis to all that is gentle, nice, and sweet about rope. This hands-on class will focus on the application and implication of rope in this style, as a follow-up to the Hojojutsu take-down class. An understanding (and shameless exploitation) of body mechanics is at the root of this class. What is taught here breaks many of the strictures about safe, kind, and comfortable rope, so it is very much edge-play.

Please bring: thin (4mm is good, natural fiber is preferred, but paracord works) rope, several 4 meter or 8 meter pieces

Partial Suspension :This class looks at the possibilities of partial suspension. Oftimes a partial will turn into a full suspension, so we will be tying with that in mind. Partials are often more stressful on the body of the one being bound, so this can also be a form of predictament bondage as well. There is time in this class for both variation, and individual focus.

Please bring: at least 5 7mx6mm rope bundles (more if the person being tied is larger), suspension ring

Suspensions with no hard points (or how to hang-it, personal style): Many folks don't have the luxury of having hard-points available to them, under all the circumstances that they would wish it. A number of events are just not put together with the rope-artist in mind. This class explores alternate ways to get similar effects when you have to get quite creative in what you wish to do, with a lack or limited availability of points.

Please bring: lots and lots of rope