Scott Smith

Scott Smith grew up in the Northwest and began exploring the nuances of BDSM at an early age. With his deviantly creative mind, he enthusiastically developed his techniques of bondage and suspension from his experience with nautical and high angle rope work. The powerful physical interactions that became the hallmark of his S&M activities were initially necessities for various activities including white water rafting, scuba, climbing, and paramedical rescue.

Scott brings a distinct intensity and passion to the ebb and flow of learning, teaching and actualizing S&M. A believer that the magic of BDSM comes through the connection of the participants, his workshops develop and nurture that connection; while maintaining a decidedly sadistic edginess.

Starting in the early 90's, Scott has presented countless workshops and seminars throughout North America and abroad for organizations large and small. Scott is internationally known for his rope work, connection, and edge play workshops.

Scott may be contacted through his email: or:, his virtual home.



Rigging for Ramblewood: This is an anything and everything goes class on Rope Camp guerrilla rigging. If it is possible and at least relatively reasonable, it gets rope! We will be taking advantage of those special features, natural and otherwise, that make Rope Camp the very unique place that it is. This class is a mix of demonstration / hands on and will take place throughout Rope Camp, therefore please wear comfortable clothes / shoes and bring plenty of rope.

Please bring: Loadable rope, comfortable clothing, gloves, eyewear.

High Rigging: Rigging where the sky is the limit! Rope Camp is a fabulous location with a multitude of high rigging hard points and potential hard points. This is a mixed lecture / hands on experience combining the theory and practice of high rigging. If you like the Discovery Channel, and you have a passion for rope, you’ll love this workshop. The plan for this class is to have considerable hands on, therefore please wear comfortable clothes and bring plenty of rope that you trust. Throw in a few climbing rated carabineers and some 1” tubular webbing, and you’ll be set.

Please bring: loadable rope, comfortable clothing, gloves, eyewear

Fireplay: Fire is beautiful, powerful, and elemental. With each wisp and flicker, it takes on a life of its own. Fire can burn up trust in a flash or temper it like steel. There is nothing quite like feeling the waves of heat and the sound of the peach fuzz abandoning all hope. This is both a demo and hands on class where we will give willing bottom type folks the opportunity for a nice warm up and giving top type folks the opportunity to retain their eyebrows. If you might be interested in trying this (as a bottom or top) then cotton clothing/nudity is an excellent choice and avoid hair products.

Please bring: For those interested in trying: large cotton towel, cotton (natural fiber) clothing, no hair or body products that may be flammable

Hair Bondage: Gimme a head with hair, Long beautiful hair, Shining, gleaming, Streaming, flaxen, waxen.. Let me tie it, let me bind it, I love hair. Short hair, long hair, hair for immobilization, hair for predicament, hair for aesthetics, and even hair for suspension. This is all about hair. How to get a hold of it, how to attach to it, and many ideas for what to do once you’ve got it. This is hands on, so wear comfortable clothes and bring plenty of small rope; 550 / para chord is a great choice.

Please bring: 550 / parachute chord or equivalent. Towel/blanket, comfortable clothing