Steve B

Steve B (aka Knotsteve) has been tying up women with rope for well over 20 years. Several years ago, he added rope suspension to his repertoire, and now can often be seen at kink events in the Mid Atlantic area hoisting unsuspecting women high into the air. Lately, he's been obsessed with mobility in suspension, developing techniques for greater range of motion. He believes suspension can and should be comfortable for all body types and spends way too much time thinking of ways he can improve that. He lives in the Philadelphia area, and has been active in the local scene for over a decade.


Mobile Suspensions - Marionettes and More: Sometimes one position is not enough.   Sometimes your subject wants to move in their suspension, and sometimes you want to move them.   You can re-rig them to get the effect you want, or you can make your suspension inherently mobile.  Inversion, face down, face up, vertical, angled front or back, curled into a ball, spread eagled, splits, forward and backward rolls, gymnastic positions, and aerial artistry, all of these are possible in one suspension.  In this class, I'll demonstrate how to suspend someone with an inherent amount of mobility, starting from a basic marionette / puppeteer suspension, and showing you ties and techniques to increase both mobility and comfort.   I'll demonstrate the rigging tricks I use in my Free Motion suspensions, that automatically untangle the lines as they move.   I'll also show you how to take back control in these kinds of suspensions, so that you can move them into whatever position you'd like them, and make them stay there until you move them again.   Finally, I'll demonstrate how and why this type of suspension can be great even for the novice rope bottom.

Practical Weaves: We all know that rope weaves can be very pretty to look at.   But did you know there are many practical reasons to use weaves?   Weaves can make rope more comfortable, and can keep ropes from shifting when you don't want them to.   In this class, I'll focus on the practical uses of rope weaves in every area of rope, from basic ties to suspension harnesses, teaching you how and why to use them.   I'll finish off the class by teaching you a completely woven chest harness which is comfortable for all body types in just about any position.

Please bring: Several lengths of rope if you want to follow along.

Rope Bondage for the Knot-Challenged: Interested in learning how to do rope bondage, but have trouble tying anything more complicated than your shoelaces?  Come to this class, and I'll teach you just one basic tie, easy to learn, and difficult to tie incorrectly.  We'll then spend the rest of the class showing you how to use that one tie to effectively put your partner into a wide variety of bondage positions, and make it look good.  Participants can bring their own rope, and rope will be available for those who need it.

Please bring: Rope if you have it - I'll also have lengths of rope people can borrow.