Wooden Implements

All of our pieces are one-of-a-kind. The shape reveals itself as we turn it. Each artisan has her own sense of shape and style, and the mood of the day very much influences the piece. This piece, for example, turned out of a 4"x4" piece of maple, was made on a day when Cat was in a particularly bad mood. She wanted to make something that would make the user sit up and take notice. Thus, this lovely, giant plug was born.

For the Love of Wood

We adore wood. The textures, colors, graining, figuring. It's what draws us to the work. There is something so sensual about drawing the beauty out of the piece on the lathe. And the finishing process, which involves at least 5 grades of sanding and buffing, really reveals the wood in all of its glory.

Something for Everyone

Large, small, wide, narrow, smooth, bumpy. We have something for everyone. All of our pieces are unique, and we don't work to order, preferring to work as we feel drawn to. The work is very limited as we only produce when we are drawn to do so. These are true artist pieces, meant to be enjoyed and treasured, never to be duplicated. As we have pieces available, we will list them on the site for sale. Orders ship either UPS or USPS within 3-5 days of your order.